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Find the five-letter Serbian word of the day using Srpski Wordle. Utilizing color suggestions will allow you to advance through the game. The letter is exactly...

About Srpski Wordle

Your task in Srpski Wordle is to identify the daily five-letter Serbian word. You can progress through the game by using color tips. The color blue indicates that the letter is exactly where it should be. The red squares indicate that the letter needs to be moved somewhere in the word. Normal speech does not mention the gray text.

How to play the game

  • Daily Challenge: Players are given a new 5-letter target word to learn every day. The objective is to accurately guess this word within six tries.
  • Entry of Assumptions: Players may input their own assumptions, each of which must contain a valid Serbian word with five letters. Players submit a guess and then press the "ENTER" key to verify their response.
  • After each guess, the game provides visual feedback by altering the letter colors in accordance with the accuracy:

           - Green: Denotes that the letter is accurate and that it is located in the proper location within the target word.

           - Yellow: This color indicates that a letter is in the target word but is not in its proper place.

           - The color gray indicates that the guessed letter does not belong in the target term.

  • Illustrations of visual feedback The feedback can seem like follows, for instance, if the player guesses "RODVU" and the target word is "WOOD":

           - R in yellow: This indicates that the letter "R" is present in the target word but has been positioned incorrectly.

           - The letter "O" is not present in the target word, as indicated by the gray "O" symbol.

           - D in green: Indicates that the letter "D" is accurate and situated properly.

           - V in yellow: This indicates that the letter "V" is present in the target word but has been positioned incorrectly.

           - A gray "U" indicates that the target word does not contain the letter "U."

  • Serbian Wordle challenges players' cognitive abilities and improves their language proficiency. The game promotes reasoning, deduction, and a strategic approach to successfully guess the target word due to the restricted number of attempts and useful color feedback. Serbian Wordle guarantees a daily experience that is both entertaining and stimulating, regardless of the player's level of expertise.

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Srpski Wordle

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