Scratchin' Melodii

Beyond its entertainment value, Scratchin' Melodii serves as an educational tool for aspiring musicians and those interested in understanding the fundamentals of music composition.

About Scratchin' Melodii


In the vast world of gaming, where action-packed adventures and immersive storytelling often take the spotlight, there emerges a unique and innovative game that explores the realms of creativity through music. Scratchin' Melodii is not your typical gaming experience; it's a musical journey that encourages players to unleash their inner composers and explore the enchanting world of melodies and rhythms.

Gameplay Concept

Developed by a team of passionate musicians and game designers, Scratchin' Melodii introduces players to a virtual universe where they become composers, orchestrating their musical masterpieces. The game leverages a scratch-and-mix interface, allowing players to manipulate various musical elements in real-time.

Players start by choosing a musical genre or style, ranging from classical and jazz to electronic and hip-hop. Each genre comes with its unique set of instruments, beats, and melodies. The goal is to create a harmonious and captivating composition by scratching, blending, and experimenting with these elements.


In a gaming landscape dominated by high-octane action and intricate narratives, Scratchin' Melodii stands out as a refreshing and innovative addition. By merging the worlds of gaming and music creation, the game not only entertains but also empowers players to become creators of their own musical worlds.

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