Loona Heardle

This game is after all the newest hit on the internet. Furthermore, a lot of developers created many Wordle clones as a result of its success. LOONA Heardle is one ...

About Loona Heardle

LOONA Heardle was created exclusively for the Orbit for K-pop enthusiasts. It is a K-Pop Heardle clone that also includes LOONA music. Random selections of LOONA Heardles are made from her discography.

How to play the game

As implied by the game's name, LOONA Heardle asks users to choose a song from LOONA's discography. You can hear the song's introduction. More of the introduction is given for each guess that is skipped or made incorrectly. Here is more information on how to play it:
The intro is presented for a total of 9 seconds.

  • Only six chances are given to identify the music.
  • Find the appropriate artist and title in the list now.
  • In the search field, you can look for an artist or a title.
  • Push the Submit button after that.

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