Enter the interesting world of InterWord, a game that combines strategic thinking with language proficiency. InterWord provides a thrilling experience that tests your vocabulary...

About InterWord

InterWord is more than just a word game—it's a dynamic puzzle that requires players to form words while strategically connecting letter tiles on a grid. Players take turns placing letter tiles on the board to create words, with each tile forming a bridge between adjacent letters. The objective is to maximize points by forming words and creating interconnected pathways of letters that span the grid.


How to play InterWord

  • Bridge Building: Focus on creating bridges between letters by strategically placing tiles. This opens up opportunities for longer words and more points.
  • Word Planning: Think ahead and plan your word placements to maximize connections and create pathways for future moves.
  • Intersection Points: Look for areas where words can intersect, allowing you to connect multiple words in a single move.
  • Balancing Points and Length: While longer words earn more points, consider the balance between word length and creating effective bridges.

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