Immaculate Grid Football

Immaculate Grid - Challenge your baseball, football, basketball, hockey... expertise with Immaculate Grid. You just have 9 guesses to fill out the grid.

About Immaculate Grid Football

Immaculate Grid Football is an engaging game that requires strategic thinking and knowledge of football players and teams. To excel in this exciting activity, follow the guidelines below and optimize your chances of victory.


How to Play Immaculate Grid: Football?

The Immaculate Grid Setup

The Immaculate Grid: Football consists of cells organized by rows and columns. Each cell has specific criteria that need to be matched by the player chosen. Your goal is to fill out the entire grid with players who meet these criteria.

Making Your Selections

You have a total of nine guesses to complete the Immaculate Grid. During this process, you must be cautious with your selections, as each guess counts, whether it's correct or not.

Daily Immaculate Grid Football Updates

The grid is updated daily at 9:00 am ET, providing fresh opportunities for Football players to participate and win.

Player Usage and Limitations

One essential rule is that a player cannot be used more than once. This restriction adds an extra layer of challenge to the game, forcing you to explore different options and consider various players.

Active or Inactive Football Players

Players from the NFL, AFL, or AAFC can be selected, regardless of their current active or inactive status. This feature allows you to explore a wide range of talented individuals throughout football history.

Previous Franchise Names

Keep in mind that previous names of franchises also qualify for player selection. For instance, players from the Houston Oilers can match with those from the Tennessee Titans, and St. Louis Rams players are eligible for the Los Angeles Rams.

5 Criteria to Win

Player and Team Criteria

To be eligible for a player and team cell, the selected player must have played at least one game for that specific team. This game could be from either the regular season or playoffs.

Team and Award Criteria

For a player to fulfill the requirements of a team and award cell, they must have won the specified award during a season they played for that team.

Super Bowl Winners Criteria

To qualify for Super Bowl winners' cells, players must have appeared in a game for the team during the Super Bowl-winning season. The appearance could be either in the regular season or playoff game.

Team and Season Stat Criteria

For the team and season stat cell, the player must have recorded the specific stat while playing for that particular team. If a player switches teams during a season, their stats are considered relevant only to the team with which the stat was achieved.

Two Stat/Award Cells Criteria

Players are eligible for two stat/award cells, even if the stats or awards were achieved in different seasons. For example, Lamar Miller qualifies for both 1,000+ rushing yards and Pro Bowl, even if accomplished in separate seasons.

By understanding these guidelines, you can confidently participate in Immaculate Grid Football, showcase your football knowledge, and enjoy an immersive experience that celebrates the sport's rich history.

So, gather your football expertise, start making your selections, and prepare for an unforgettable grid football journey!

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